I love road trips. I love getting in the car and going somewhere completely new and foreign.

Actually, let me clarify. I love short roadtrips.

After going on countless 10 hour plus road trips – including two drives across the United States (I’m a glutton for punishment) – I definitely prefer the shorter jaunts.

Recently I made a trip to Syracuse, New York and stopped at this amazing restaurant called Pastabilities – isn’t that a cute name?

Can you guess their signature dish? Why yes, it is falafel… Hehe, I kid. Pastabilities is a great Italian restaurant with a fun atmosphere and deeeeelicious food.

One of my favorite parts of visiting an Italian restaurant is probably the bread that comes in the beginning. What’s better than carb-loading before you eat a ginormous bowl of pasta?

I’m a firm believe that you really can’t “make a meal” without an appetizer… Okay, you can make a meal without an appetizer but if the appetizers sound this good, you just don’t want to skip it.

The meal began with the steamed mussels that had lemon, white wine, fresh basil butter, and a garlic crispy crostini. It was positively amazing. I can’t even begin to describe the sauce that bathed the mussels. It was like love, joy, and happiness all got together and had a baby that was this dish.

Was that too much?

After that, I had the wild California white sea bass. It was dressed in a Meyer lemon and lavender vinaigrette and served with a fresh crab cake and an arugala salad. Talk about fabulous. I’ve never cooked with lavender but LOVED how wonderfully this dish married the lavender with the lemon.

And the crab cake? It was cooked perfectly – delicately fried while still being moist and tender.

I was also able to have several bites a taste of the penne with pink vodka cream sauce. It was topped with tasty shrimp and scallops. Super creamy, super rich, super perfect. I can’t even describe how awesome this tasted.

If you’re in the Syracuse (or upstate NY area) I would definitely check out this place. It’s worth the road trip ;)


311 South Franklin Street

Syracuse, New York 13202

(315)  474-1153

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4 thoughts on “Pastabilities

  1. Hi Rhyann,
    This looks amazing! I still follow your blog and you always have really great ideas. I have kept several of your recipes. Keep up the good work. Please tell you mom hello for me. She’s still my Cutco lady.

    • Hi David! Thanks so much for your comment. I’m so glad you’ve found recipes that you liked. I will definitely tell her. Hope you’re well :)

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